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Sonique Productions was established in 2011 by passionate events industry professionals and is still going strong. We have more than three decades of industry experience and knowledge in many different sectors of the entertainment industry, with the main aim to enhance our client’s vision for a flawless event. The company specializes in arts & entertainment, theatre, live concerts, corporates and many other segments of the entertainment industry.

We form long and solid meaningful relationships with our clients. Our responsibility is to protect our clients brand by bringing a full and professional solution to make a lasting impression to the client. Sonique Productions provides professional industry standard equipment & technical support services and have grown into a one stop service provider who can deliver the complete infrastructure, planning and execution for any event.

We consistently keep our inventory updated with the latest in event gear to meet the event industries demand with high end and industry standard equipment. We firmly believe in our ability to execute any event on the highest standard of professionalism possible with innovation and a full turn key solution to our clients. Our aim is to produce creative solutions and leave our clients with lasting and memorable experiences. We go above & beyond for our clients and believe that the proof is in the pudding!!

Our specialized services

Rigging Staging & Structure
AV –Audio Visual
Live Streaming
Production & Concept Designing
Project Planning
Technical Crew and Logistics
We service both public & private sectors



The right tool for the right application, we cater for every type of sound specification from corporate, to theatre to live music concerts

Staging & Structure

Staging solutions that are compliant with all health and safety regulations, ensuring that your event is secure and safe for all types of events.

Lighting & Rigging

We use different and creative light rigging ideas and concepts to make every event special and unique. Setup, plot, program and/or operate.

AV- Audio Visual

Presentations, plasma screens, comfort monitors with clickers for presenter or LED screens and walls for indoor and outdoor events.

Special Effects

Sonique Productions strives to make every event, whether it is big or small, a memorable and very unique event. And therefor, we have also invested in special effects units like confetti guns and CO2 Canons. If you are looking for bigger effects like pyrotechnics, you are more than welcome to consult us for guidance.

Consultation & Installation

We advise our clients on every piece of equipment needed for their projects to the specification required. We consult, install and sell equipment according to the application of your project.

Keeping deadlines and budget restriction a priority, we still offer our clients a complete & professional solution according to their requirements.

Some of our projects, are ranked as legacy footprints

Theatre Production Sound & Lighting


We assist in the full solution for any theatre production, from designing the set, to all the technical equipment required, according to the specification & application of the production. We understand the importance of theatre productions and the precise demand and attention to detail it requires.
Dinner Gala Sound and Lighting Hire


Sonique Productions carries the heart of our client’s brand or company and always aims to ensure bespoke and seamless experiences to our clients. Corporate events offers an opportunity to the client to communicate innovative ideas and information to their customers, and therefor it is important for us to work alongside the client and get personally involved so that we ensure that the objectives are met with meticulous attention to important details.

Small stage rig for corporate hire

Product Launches

The aim of a product launch is to create meaningful and impactful experiences of your brand or product and doing it with confidence. We aim to provide that emotional connection through brand experience and execute this in a creative manner to ensure a successful launch. From creation to production right through to execution, we are there every step of the way in the most professional capacity inspiring through creative concepts and professionalism guaranteed!
Live Events

Live Events

Sonique Productions understands the turnaround time required to setup and be show ready when it comes to Live festivals & Mass Gatherings. Therefor we have senior in house team members, that orchestrate all the logistical arrangements, pre planning and assisting design elements to ensure that all technical requirements are met in time.
We consult, supply and install industry standard equipment according to the budget and specification of our client and offer a wide range of integrated solutions to any project. We offer:


Kobus Van Der Berg

Managing Director

Jeanne-Marié Van Der Berg