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Theatre Audio Lighting and Rigging

Theatre Full Audio, Lighting, Rigging, Communication & Visual Solutions

In order for an audience to fully experience a production in theatre, they need good quality audio and be visually enticed with creative lighting and audio visuals. Sonique Technology & Electronics provides not only consultation on the correct audio, lighting, rigging and visual solutions for the application but also sales of high end industry standard equipment to suit your budgetary requirements to the installation thereof, whether it is a small community theatre to a big playhouse theatre. We have extensive experience in the theatre industry with a few theatre installations on our belt.

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Fully integrated Conference & Boardroom Solutions

When planning a professional conference or boardroom setup, the key is having relevant quality solutions which are user friendly and provides clarity, visually and audibly. We are there to provide the right solution for your meeting space, working closely with the budget provided and providing consultation on the latest technology to create a hybrid solution that suits the application. These products are included but not limited to fully integrated video conferencing, wireless presentation systems and quality teleconferencing solutions. Sonique Productions Technology & Electronics will support you in after sales services & support and work closely with any updates needed in the future to keep up with technology.

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Broadcasting & Recording Studio

Broadcasting & Recording Studio Solutions

When it comes to broadcasting and recording studios, the audio and visual elements are critical in ensuring the quality of output that reaches your audience or clients. We work closely with our clients on the specific wants and needs or their project to ensure that we supply them with the best possible solution their budget allows for. We make it part of our full turn key solution to also include training on the latest technology as well as offering back up services and assistance when upgrades are needed.

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Streaming church service

Houses of Worship Audio, Lighting, Visual & Live Broadcast Full Solutions

When it comes to audio solutions in Houses of Worship, it is critical to have a good system in place in order to relay your message to your congregation or audience in the best possible way. We as Sonique Technology & Electronics have over the years formed strong and reliable relationships with some of the biggest audio brands in order to supply the best leading technology to our clients in Houses of Worship. We not only assist in obtaining the correct audio solution for your application, but also the best lighting, whether it is stage and or broadcasting lighting, as well as assisting in live broadcasting solutions. We consult on projects, supply and install, no matter the size!

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Live Streaming for education

Educational Facilities Audio & Visual Solutions

Sonique Technology & Electronics can provide professional sound & audiovisual solutions for schools, universities and teaching facilities that are high quality solutions to ensure that your students perform at their best. We work very closely with our clients to provide the best solution for the budget provided, but we do not compromise on quality of the equipment and installation, whether it is school theatre, lecture room or auditorium.

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